Riots, Protests, and Changes Galore!

I am not sure that many of us would have or could have imagined that 2020 would be defining itself this way for decades to come. To be honest I am not even sure where to begin; my heart is full, happy, sad, disgusted, and at times fearful for what is to come. Do we even know what is to come, that is the scary part?

We all know the recent situation in Minneapolis so there is no need to discuss that situation; I will say that many have reached out since that situation to ask how NYC is and if I am ok. In short, yes, I am ok. In the long, I think we all have a lot to process; especially essential workers here in NYC. I am not disregarding other cities, towns, or states, I am just speaking to what I know so please do not be offended by that statement.

As many of you know NYC is referred to as “the city that never sleeps.” I have seen this city sleeping and I have now seen the government attempt to force the city to sleep to keep those of us who follow directions safe. When I first arrived March 30th the city was “asleep,” no traffic, no business, and 99% of the residents of NYC were doing what was asked of them, which at that time was to STAY HOME! A few blessings came from that, the local market owners and employees know me on a first name basis, local police officers have seen me repeatedly out and about since I am an essential worker, as have other small essential business owners. I have gained an entire new family since being here, not just at the hotel but in this little area in which Hotel 99 sits and for that I am ever thankful during this time of unrest.

As the events unfolded in Minneapolis nobody dreamed that it would have the ripple effect that it would across the nation, including here in NYC. Now, NYC on a good day is a bit hectic CRAZY, now add in the riots and protests and it is beyond chaos and unrest. Times Square, Madison Avenue, Columbus Circle, and really anything downtown so literally four blocks south of me is where all the protests and riots were. I have included some images of what the riots led to and it is quite disturbing.

Boarding up all the stores along Broadway to protect from Looting
Looters broke in the night prior – attempting to protect what is left of the store

Looking back on the last several weeks life has changed for all of us; to even think that life will go back to the way it once was is silly. Life as we know it has changed; changed the economy, our schools, how we look at each other, etc.

I find it disturbing that right now we praise all of those in healthcare, yet our police officers not given the same support. Now, because of this insanity not only are the hospitals faced with Covid, they are now faced with gun shot victims, traumas, you name it.

As always, wash your hands, wear your masks, and be kind to others. Remember it doesn’t cost anything to smile.


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