Imagine (May 27, 2020)

Riverside Park – walking path along the Hudson Bay

Imagine if each day we awoke excited for whatever lay ahead?

Imagine if we awoke and were present for each moment, not consistently wishing for the day to hurry by, or for the next big event, or nap time, etc.?

Imagine if we all smiled a little bit more? Just think how you feel when you smile…

Imagine if we all began focusing on smiling with our eyes…making it a point to make eye contact.

Imagine if instead of tearing each other down we lifted each other up — NO MATTER WHAT!?

Imagine the possibilities if put the politics aside, we put differences aside, and we all came together and united for the greater good?

When you look at the picture above that I took this morning on my walk, what do you see? What do you envision? I see an opportunity for conversations and friendships, I see area for great art, I see great buildings that house people, and most of all I see an outlet for people to escape and enjoy nature. You see what you want in that picture, remember that beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. You are responsible for your joy, at the same time how can you use your joy to lift others during this difficult time?

During my time here I have done things like paying for the meal behind me, buying the front desk staff breakfast on a Saturday morning, etc. It is the little things that truly count; you don’t need to do something extravagant it is truly the small things in life that matter.

Hudson Bay

Each of these posts, small and large, short and tall matter. They play a role in the ecosystem. They contribute differently, most importantly they contribute. So to that I say, slow down, enjoy the small things, and remember you matter. Short or tall, it doesn’t matter we all make a difference.

My apologies for getting this posted late…a lot has been going on…..for all of us. Spread joy, smile today, and simply sit back and imagine.


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