Big Changes…

I know in my last video I posted, I mentioned I would discuss upcoming changes and forgot to do that; with all the unsettling events the announcement of my change got pushed to the back burner.

So here it is…..

As you all know, I signed a contract for 13 weeks which would take me to about the 3rd of July. Due to New Yorkers getting their act together ❤ we decreased the number of NEW daily positive covid ICU patients therefore decreasing significantly the number of travel nurses needed throughout the city and surrounding Burroughs.

When that happened my ICU contract got cut; I was blessed though to then have another contract. This other contract was/is at one of the saddest, scariest, most fraudulent places I have ever seen; I will share those stories and details in upcoming posts. That location took a severe emotional toll on me and has taken some time to heal.

So, recently as the city began to open up, prepare for phase one, enter phase one, and then deal with the riots….numbers are now steadily increasing at the same time as operating rooms are opening. I was blessed to have been offered another contract…

So what does all this mean? Well, right now given the crazy economy there are no solid travel positions in Minnesota; positions that I can consistently count on to pay my bills and raise my children. At this time, in speaking with Hans and his amazing significant other Sarah, right now I need to be here working. I will remain here on contract through at least the end of October. With all of that being said, I will be visiting my kiddos frequently and Hans and I are planning weekend trips to meet half way and all visit.

Another change is that I have enrolled in Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program. I will be finished in less than two years; while I am on the East coast I am able to complete clinical hours at outstanding hospitals like Rutgers for example which is know for amazing Pulmonary Care!

I had no idea when I packed four suitcases, and two bags that I would be traveling and become a minimalist. I had no idea the emotional anguish I would encounter as not only a nurse but as a human. This journey has not been easy and our societal standards don’t match what I am doing, right? I mean normally it is the dad that travels and the mom that stays home and works locally; this time we have reversed roles and our children are flourishing.

During the upcoming weeks and months ahead I would appreciate all of your support and encouragement ❤. I am excited for this incredible journey called life; as a firm believer and follower of Christ, I feel that God is leading me in this direction.

My new position will be a conglomeration of PACU, ICU, and ED; this time rather than working for a private hospital I will be working for New York Health and Hospitals which is “the city hospital system.”

Stay tuned for my next post about our nurse get-away!

If anyone is wanting to send cards or packages…i have had more requests for my address:

244 W. 99 Street

New York, New York 10025

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