My heart is jumping with joy as I write this post; simply because it is the rainbow amidst all the chaos! While working in the intensive care unit one becomes very knowledgeable about particular patients as we tend to care for the same individuals over and over. My first assignment in the ICU was surreal as I care for a man that I actually cared for in the green pod. As I walked into the room my heart sank that night. My heart sank as I saw his chest rising and falling; not because he was doing it but because a ventilator placed to the left of the bed was doing all the work. The vital sign monitor was beeping due to a low heart rate, eight IV pumps were infusing, and of course, most importantly my patient, my dear friend, brother in Christ lay in bed with tubes everywhere.

I was incredibly moved with emotion; why I am not sure? I have seen these exact sights before…this time was different though. There was no family allowed, there were no friends allowed instead, we as medical staff immediately became this mans family. We held the swollen hands, we wiped away the tears when they coughed from the suctioning, we were there for them through everything. This is nursing…

My dear friend I am happy to report has moved out of the ICU! This was a long process, a painful process, and honestly a process that most of us did not think would ever happen. It is small major events like this that remind each of us during this time of crisis that we are making a difference, we are doing what we were called to do.

Brooklyn apartment building: each staircase and landing representing milestones of our patients…they are running a marathon not a sprint and every so often they plateau (landing), or they go backwards. If you look closely you see the sun radiating off the windows; emitting hope amidst a time of uncertainty and chaos.

I should note that the previous story I shared with you from my journal is “old,” old by date but so very raw and fresh in my mind. I simply have not had the time or energy to keep up with online posts; with that I have daily jotted down words or phrases for each day to assist with creating my online blog here for each of you.

I pray that as each of you reads this you wherever you may be you stop and realize that this gentleman could have easily died many times. This gentleman is a husband, father, uncle, son, brother, and most importantly loved by many. This gentleman is not a political pawn, he is not a vote for 2020, he is not an example of what we should or shouldn’t do, he is one of us that has feelings and deserves to be treated as such.

Please, take some time and think about all of those that have passed. Say a prayer. Think about those of us who are still serving actively on the front lines…

Prayers and Love


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