One Down…

Well I am happy to say I survived week one here in New York City! The last week here was exhausting both mentally and physically; between working 12-16 hours a day, the non-stop running and rushing about inside of the hospital, and trying to figure out how to get to work each day. As I awoke this morning from my amazing little boutique room, I could see the sun peeking through amidst the tall buildings and glistening off the fire escape. I love waking up to this view every morning on Broadway. It is very calm most mornings; allowing time for reflection.

Many of us, especially those of us who are parents are feeling very frustrated at this point and beginning to feel burned out being shut in; I challenge you to really enjoy this time. Take some time to look at the clouds, what shapes do you see? In fact yesterday my sister Kelly took a super neat picture of clouds that looked like pillows, would she have done that had she been rushing around as normal? If you are going to work each day take a step back and slow down, appreciate your co-workers, show them you appreciate them because you never know when may not see them again. Life here in New York has always been different than in the midwest and it has really rattled me.

Staff here move at lightning speed; I know, many of you are thinking that I consistently move at lightning speed however this pandemic has really caused me to slow down and really give my patients extra TLC. I have really attempted to embrace my new co-workers and my surroundings and what I see makes my heart huort. These nurses are in such a hurry ALL the time…..amidst all of this they cannot seem to slow down and realize that these patients are laying here struggling to breathe on their own, they lay with us for hours or days ALONE, sometimes even dying alone in the ED. Can you imagine? Think about that? Is life worth running that fast all the time or can we stop and give someone a smile that we normally may not? I consistently hear, “we don’t have the Minnesota Nice in us, you need to figure it out,” well guess what, I will not stop showing compassion. Yes, it is busy, chaotic at times, given that I will NEVER waiver on the compassion I give to my patients and co-workers.This past week was nothing short of eye opening; between learning how New Yorkers talk to each other, seeing the wide range in the patient population, seeing the homeless population is incredibly sad, and most importantly seeing how the Corona virus is truly devastating this state. Often times we see the same individual who may not have a home upwards of three to five times a day, the streets are empty, there are no traffic jams, stores are closed, and people on the sidewalk legitimately walk 6 feet apart!

I must say I am impressed with how New Yorkers have embraced the social deficiency; walk six feet apart, wearing gloves and masks to grocery stores, and in generally wearing masks.Continue to do your part!!!


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