The Preparation

So many things to do, people to see, stuff to buy and pack…as I lay here tonight I think what is most important, what things NEED to occur before I leave?

I decided a couple days ago that I would surprise Adelaide with a little birthday party 1 month early since I will be gone for her 6th birthday; needless to say she was ecstatic and we partied for two days….it overflowed per her request to the next morning that they all eat fancy cupcakes….and so they did! I’ve tried to be that “yes” mom this week and at the same time work on life skills.

Not only did we celebrate the birthday girl, the Easter Bunny came….they got way more this year as I won’t be around to do their summer shopping for them…oh and now they are home each day so no school uniform, just regular clothes. The four of these kiddos make my heart smile, they appreciate all that is done for them…so we showered them with love and got them all set up for summer!

Prepping to leave for myself has been a slow process; emotions run high, reality seems to set in each time I look at or touch the suitcases. How do you pack for 3 months? What do I need in a state where everything is shutdown and two day shipping with Amazon isn’t a “thing” anymore? It has been a learning experience….again, after all of this is done…we each will have learned numerous lessons!

As I prepare to leave tomorrow, I ask for your prayers; prayers for myself, the flight crew, all of the nurses I will be working with, and even more importantly my children and Nick who are left to hold down the fort here!

Stay safe, practice social distancing, be patient, kind, and humble!

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